Outside of Attorneys and the Broker of Record, Public Adjusters licensed by State Departments of Insurance are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during a property insurance claim process.

 As Licensed Public Adjusters, we are here to represent the Policy-holder in Appraising and Negotiating Insurance Claims. Our Professional Staff of Experts evaluate and inspect the extent of Damage right down to the last inch in order to determine an accurate estimate and cause of damage. Through means of thorough Inspections, Documentation, and Scientific Testing, we are able to conclude accurate scopes of damage and what it will take to repair the property to its original state.

 Damage can occur at any time and by any number of conditions. Allowing damage to affect your environment and/or your clients / occupants is something you should not have to deal with because the Insurance Company is dragging their feet, under-valuating or flat out denying coverage for damages from covered perils. Let us be the one on call to help you through these stressful times.  You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer or do taxes without a CPA, so don’t go through an insurance claim without a Public Adjuster.  We work on your behalf, for you.