Whether periodical or full time, quality assurance inspections are becoming requested or required on more and more roofing jobs.  It’s important, as an owner, to protect your investments and a building’s roof is definitely an investment.  Manufacturer warranties are costly and in many circumstances likely to be voided by certain natural occurrences such as large hail, so, in some parts of the country, it may not make much sense to invest in something that will not last very long.  Roof failures, not caused by natural catastrophes, are most often the result of application deficiencies.  Having an RRO on site to relay daily activities to the owner and/ or designer can not only keep the client informed about the projects progress, but also assure that the work being performed is up to the agreed upon standards of the contract documents.  GBI provides RCI certified RROs for new and retrofit construction roof inspections.  Our inspectors are professionals with experience on a wide variety of roofing systems and applications.  Contact us for more information.